Behind The Name

Our brand was birthed around the belief that there’s so much beauty to be found in simpler times. The moments before the sunrise, toes sunken in sandy shorelines, and the first sips of morning coffee are the highlights in life we prioritise. We created Keep Me Near to reflect the moments big and small, that make life worth living. The stitching of memories that contribute to the fabric of our lives is the focal point in all we do. Our 70’s inspired designs reflect the way we’d love our over complicated world to be; natural, timeless and beautiful. Our fabrics are ethically sourced, double lined, and created from organic cotton, made to carry you through years of special moments, big and small. 

The name Keep me near is a reminder to Keep yourself near the things that make your soul shine, what makes you, you.

A reminder to,

Keep yourself near...

Your Dreams: You’re a visionary, meant to carve new paths, create new worlds and birth something special and wonderful. How often we find ourselves distracted from that our heart calls out for, let this serve as your reminder to follow that beating in your chest that makes you come alive. Your vibrance and souls purpose depends on your fearless pursuit to follow that which inspires your every moment. We need you, your vision and your dreams. Hold them closely, never lose sight of them as within them, lies your life force.


Keep yourself near

Your Goals: You’re up to big things, as if you were born knowing you had important things to conquer in this lifetime. You’ve poured yourself into your projects, fought fearlessly for all that matters to you, and won’t let anything get in the way of all you’re accomplishing for yourself. Your power lies within and your ability to approach any situation with determined persistence and you’re destined for big, beautiful things. This goal of yours, it’s here. It’s happening and you’re upon all the greatness you so truly deserve.


Keep yourself near

The Sunshine: Can you feel it? The warmth of the sun on the tops of your shoulders, reminding you of it’s power, of the light that exists within you? It’s always here, to be found, even on the cloudiest days we can tap into the sunnier days that exist within. Let this serve as a reminder of your warmth, the brightness that you bring to the world, and all the happiness that is found on sunny day. You can always tap into this feeling, and may these items serve as a way to do just that each time you put them on.


Keep yourself near

Your Truth: You radiate integrity in all you do. You have followed your heart, made tough decisions, fought for what matters to you and journeyed through life with such grace it inspires. Your fearless commitment to your truth is what helps others to do the same and shows how expansive life can be when you’re taking the path that stems from the heart space. As you put these items on, be reminded of all that is true for you. There is no one quite like you in this world. Who you are, your truth, your being, is everything and absolutely perfect.


Keep yourself near, whatever it is that makes your soul shine, what makes you, you. x